The Bible is full of examples of an angry heart. In some ways we all struggle with times of anger and pride—but if your desire for power or being right is high, you likely struggle with anger as a predominant heart issue. No one wants to admit they are impatient and need the last word, but choosing to repent and get help are signs you are on the path to redemption.

This worksheet will walk you through specific passages from God’s word to help you identify the idols in your life and point you toward repentance and putting on a heart of love.

Use the password “transformed” to open the worksheet.



Good and Angry sets readers on a path toward a faithful and fruitful expression of anger, in which we return good for evil and redeem wrongs. Powlison offers practical help for people who struggle with irritation, complaining, or bitterness and gives guidance for how to respond constructively when life goes wrong. You, your family, and your friends will all be glad that you read this book.


Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village church unpacks Matthew 5:21-26.

“The good news is that the righteousness we find in Jesus Christ is not about external, moral conformity, but transformation of the inward man; that God is after not your disciplined will, but after your freedom.”



How do you deal with those angry feelings we all experience? In the series, Overcoming Emotions That Destroy, Chip Ingram will help you identity whether you are a Spewer, Leaker, or Stuffer. You will learn the difference between good and bad anger, how to gain control of it, and how to use it in constructive ways. This no-nonsense, practical series, will give you practical biblical tools to express your anger appropriately and deal with those who express their anger toward you.